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Best 50 Tips for Candid Photography

  • Posted By: Swork Studio
  • Posted: 24 Feb 2019
Best 50 Tips for Candid Photography

What is candid photography?

This form of photography involves taking shots either without the subject’s knowledge or in the absence of a formal pose even if the subject is aware that a shot is being clicked. In either case, during a candid photoshoot, the subject does not look direct into the lens of the camera. The objective is to capture the subject in their normal mood and spontaneity, without being self-conscious or camera-conscious.

In recent times, the demand for candid photography is on the rise. It is however, important to hire only professional photographers for this job. Swork Studio is one of the best candid photographers in Delhi . We are highly experienced with some of the best results in clicking such pictures, whether it is a social set-up or corporate event or even a routine setup.

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Here are 50 candid photography tips –

  • Select the right camera mode.
  • In the beginning rely on the auto mode.
  • Choose the shutter priority when in low light conditions.
  • Be prepared for a high shutter speed.
  • In well lit conditions use the Aperture Priority.
  • Choose Continuous Autofocus
  • Use Zoom lens.
  • You can also use light prime lenses.
  • Try the Burst Mode or the continuous shooting mode.
  • Make minimal use of the flash
  • Try using the Live View.
  • Invest in a camera that is convenient to carry.
  • Work as per a PLAN – Prepare, Lock-in, Anticipate and Now moment.
  • Prepare the settings and lock-in the mood.
  • Be ready and wait for the right moment to capture.
  • Make sure not to the miss the exact moment.
  • Be agile and fast.
  • Capture as many shots as possible.
  • Remain inconspicuous.
  • Avoid wearing flashy clothes
  • Blend in with the environment
  • Do not get in the way.
  • Ensure privacy of subjects.
  • Avoid sneaking.
  • Take consent of the subject if required.
  • Be empathetic and considerate.
  • Have patience.
  • Focus on the face of the subject.
  • Keep your camera trained on the subject for longer duration.
  • If possible add a foreground to the picture
  • Keep looking for those awesome moments.
  • Try to capture social interactions.
  • Lookout also for the solitude moment.
  • One good way is to capture people who are lost in their thoughts.
  • Keep practising your art so that you are able to master it.
  • Keep the camera at your hip height for great pictures.
  • Be prepared to walk around.
  • Interact with your subjects
  • Try and make them comfortable
  • Ensure that the subjects are unaware of the photography shoot.
  • Participate in the event and be part of the fun.
  • Try not looking in the eye of the subjects.
  • Tell people that you are taking candid pictures and ask them to pose as themselves.
  • Be a part of the action.
  • Title the photographs well.
  • Never think of taking rest.
  • Never put your camera down.
  • Do a good post-processing job
  • Shoot in RAW format to post process well.
  • Keep your confidence levels high.

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