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Time to get acquainted with the power of video advertising through Swork Studio

The power of video cannot be debated anymore. Videos are here to stay for substantial time and faster corporate businesses understand this, the better it is for them. Marketers and social media experts understand that the amazing scope of this tool, especially in the digital world today and hence are ready to put their money in hiring a reliable video ad maker. There are reasons why modern businesses need to create video ads –

  • A perfectly made video helps promote consumer engagement.
  • It generates business-to-business leads more effectively, and
  • Represents the brand like never before

Stats to prove the clout of videos:-

Facts Percentage
What percent of people watch online videos every day 55%
What percent of people watch online videos every week 78%
Videos generate what kind of shares as compared to text and images 1200% more
What percent of people look at product or service related videos before going into a physical store 50%
What percent of consumers think that demo videos online support actual purchase 80%
What percent of websites are able to increase their conversions by putting up a video on the landing page 80%

What is video advertising?

This field of videography encompasses the use of videos to advertise online either on a website, a mobile App or social media channels. In simple words, it is advertising using the video format. These videos are usually of shorter duration and more often than not used for advertising a brand, its product or services. This format of advertising is more engaging and interactive in nature. This is a niche field where the advertising video maker needs to be knowledgeable about only video making but also needs to have the passion and experience to narrate a story within seconds or minutes.

Video ads are classified as –

  • In-stream videos that show up when the viewer is viewing some other video content.
  • Out-stream videos that pop up on regular websites
  • Interactive videos that are usually meant to interact with the viewer and hence open to cover the full screen of the device.
  • Webpage videos that are brand and product specific and usually used for providing extra information to the customer.
  • In-game video that pops up in the midst of a game being played on a mobile or tablet,

Is Swork Studio the best video ad maker in the industry?

The answer is a big yes. We are the finest and one of the leading video advertising companies in the country. When hired as a video advertising agency, we work hand-in-gloves with our corporate clients to conceptualize, produce and finally help them circulate the ad videos in a way that it leaves their target market impressed beyond words.

In the modern digital world, dwindling attention spans of consumers is one of the biggest challenge that a marketer or a business owner faces. You not only need to catch their attention, you need to keep them engaged and occupied so that your competitors are unable to infiltrate and take away your valuable customers.

It is only the best advertising video maker who can do justice to your brand and product marketing. Whether it is tutorials, educational content, entertaining information and news about new launches etc, how to use information, client testimonials or any other form of content, we help you make the best use of this power-driven tool so that high-quality videos are generated that keeps your customers sticking by your side. We create advertisement videos that are unique and distinctively styled videos, innovative and yet priced economically and affordably so that your business is able to achieve optimal ROI.

Call us today or meet us in person to know more about our style of creating advertising videos!

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