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Uplift your brand image with Swork Studio – the finest video production company in India

Swork Studio, short film makers in Delhi, have been doing pioneering work in the field of short films and video production. We have helped establish number of brands by working hand-in-hand on their video marketing strategies and facilitating them in achieving their business goals. We work in conjunction with music production companies to create masterpieces and spectacular movies that leave the audience spell-bound.

Who needs a short film?

From a group of artists who have a script in hand but looking out for funding to corporate entities who wish to use the digital medium to the fullest, short films and videos work to be the ideal marketing medium to acquire attention of a target group.

Why videos are considered powerful marketing tool today?

Advertisements, in the digital world today are slowly giving way to short films. As more and more brands are eager to veer the customer towards their products and services, production houses in India are witnessing an increased demand for corporate short films in recent times. From creating brand awareness to engaging the audience, an increasing number of corporates are approaching top movie production companies to use movies to narrate their story and reach out their potential markets, create that emotional connect and win over loyal customers. The result - strategically planned and shot branded short films are able to garner more sales leads and are also able to convert them with more conviction.

Facts Statistics
Hours on videos watched on YouTube everyday 500 million hours
By this year the video traffic on internet will account for what percentage of online traffic? 80%
Information watched on videos is retained to what percentage compared to when reading the same information 95% is retained when watching video while only 10% is retained when reading.
What percentage of marketers is using videos to increase brand awareness? About 76% currently

If the above statistics are true, then there is no reason why as a brand promoter, you should not consider finding the best video production company in India.

Source: https://www.impactbnd.com/blog/video-content-the-importance-of-video-marketing

How to choose the best from hundreds of movie companies?

As a smart businessman or marketer, once you decide to use videos and short films to enhance your brand value online and on other digital platforms, you need to ponder on few essential parameters while choosing from amongst many available film production companies in India.

  • Relevant experience of the company in your industry. Can the company share testimonials and references of their past work?
  • Does the company understand your need to have a corporate movie and what is it that you want to convey through it.
  • There are numerous film studio in the country. But do they understand your brand vision, are they genuinely going to work as your associate and deliver the best results.
  • Check for the production quality of some of the film production houses in India. What needs to be assessed here are whether their photography equipment and cameras are state-of-the-art or not? What about their editing capabilities, which music company are they associated with?
  • Pricing. Making a corporate video may entail some good investment and is an expensive affair but the pricing should be effective and not a way to fleece the brand. A reliable video production company in India like Swork Studio will be transparent in their commercial dealing with no last-minute surprises. Remember, that the money is a one-time spent whereas the video or the movie will serve the brand life-long.
  • Timely deliveries and the commitment to stick to time schedules. Only professional and top movie production companies that are equipped with the latest technology and skilled professionals can offer and stick to assured timelines.

Why Swork Studio?

Undoubtedly because we are the best short film maker in Delhi and there is no comparison to our way of working, our genre of short films, to our experience, to our committed attitude and professional culture with that of any other video production company in the city or even the country. When we associate with a brand, we work as your partner and not as your vendor - your desired Return of Investment is our guideline. This is what keeps us ticking to create branded films that act as the ultimate influencers in getting maximum traction from your potential market.

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