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Fashion photography, as the name suggests, is about things related to fashion and style. It could be anything that defines stylish mannerisms – clothing, accessories, footwear, cosmetics and makeup – anything related to the hair and the body that creates a statement. It is probably one of the oldest forms of photography, dating back to nineteenth century.

What is fashion photography?

This form of photography is used for showcasing attires and accessories along with distinctive attitude. The objective of this genre of photography is simple – to display a fashion or trend, or better still to highlight a chic lifestyle. While initially this field was adopted for exhibiting clothes and accessories and marketing them to the consumers, today it is used for creating aspirations in the minds of the viewer. The underline purpose is to convey a glamorous statement that is related to lifestyle and if done the right way transports the audience to a surreal world and creates desires or arouse latent cravings in the viewer.

Types of fashion photography

Typically, there are four types under this genre –

  • Editorial type – the editorial form generally revolves around a story or a theme and the photographer typically shoot the model in dresses and accessories that one can possibly wear through the course of an entire day. There are emotions that the model depicts so as to make the story relevant and powerful enough to be noticed by the audience.
  • High fashion – this is the area where top models from the industry, film stars etc. are made to wear clothes or accessories and are clicked with the purpose of advertising the brand and the products. This form of fashion photography uses blend of all possible combinations like the styling of the model, the makeup, hair, the location, lighting etc to create a perfect image. This image is usually exaggerated, over-dramatic and far from reality with outlandish costumes, stylized hair and fascinating backdrop. This kind of photography can happen inside a studio setup, outdoors as well as at specially organised shows which are more famously called fashion show photography.
  • Catalogue photography – this type is done specially to click pictures of clothes for catalogues or marketing brochures. This type of photography typically happens inside a studio or a location where a fashion photoshoot is organised. In such photoshoots, the model wears the particular clothes or accessories of the brand and the photographer captures him/her in different poses.
  • Street fashion – this type of photography shows what is trending amongst the common man on the streets. In this form, photographers do not click models in a fashion shoot; rather they capture images of the ordinary man and woman who are making style statements with their dresses and accessories.

Why Swork Studio?

Indian fashion photographers have been doing tremendously well in the domestic and international arena. They have been, in the recent years, been successful in creating and sharing their unique personalized styles for the world to see and appreciate. Amidst societal challenges that exists in the country, it requires immense strength and belief to be a fashion photographer in India. Mainly because the society is still not quite open to accepting that the human body is meant to be highlighted and celebrated and what better to exult than fashion-oriented images and pictures.

Swork Studio is a name to reckon with in the world of fashion photography. It is a leading fashion photography studio in the country. Our team of experienced and expert photographers work in different aspects of photography with zealousness and commitment that is difficult to find in the world of professional photography today.

Fashion has been our forte ever since inception of the company. We have some of India’s best fashion photographers on our team. They are the best in the business because they are –

  • Innately creative and aptly use their imagination to produce fine quality of pictures.
  • Have the required abilities of patience, eye for detail and flexible in their approach towards the task in hand.
  • Are extremely passionate about their work.

Our team has worked under the supervision of some of the best fashion photographers in the world and hence their experience is unparalleled. Combined with their zest and fervour towards creating memorable pictures and images, we can proudly claim to be one the best in the realm of fashion photography in India.

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