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We are living in a digital world today. In a world that is driven more by technology, the socially aware human being is full of simulated poise and dignity, cleverly masking their true feelings and natural self. We are constantly putting on a show of being cheerful, happy and sorted – our natural and honest self has somewhere got lost. We fake emotions most of the time, putting our true self to the backseat. And the best proof of this is those countless pictures where we have gone all out to strike pose after pose to get that best shot.

Amidst all this extravagant artificial pose and behaviour, there is a gradually growing segment of people who love to get captured on camera as they normally are. And these people love to have their friends and family too clicked in their regular self especially on special occasions like weddings and anniversaries where precious unplanned moments are captured to preserve them forever. This is exactly the reason why the demand for candid pictures is on the rise nowadays. Leave alone the normal settings, even at formal functions studios and professional photographers are getting requests for candid photoshoots.

What is candid photography?

The term candid photography denotes

  • Clicking a shot of someone without his knowledge where he has not formally consented to be clicked.
  • It catches the person in the act.
  • There are no poses, no pretence and no planned moments. The subject is pictured in some of his most natural moods, surroundings and activities.

It is an ethical form of photography and does not involve trespassing into someone’s private space or getting sneaky.

Candid photography is not a simple task. On the contrary it is highly challenging. Best candid photography requires -

  • The photographer to understand and respect underlying emotions and sentiments of the subject so that the same can reflect in the image.
  • The photographer to catch the subject from a distance so that the subject is relaxed in his personal space.
  • Minimal use of the flash.
  • The photographer to click multiple images.
  • The photographer to be spontaneous and move fast.
  • The photographer to be highly attentive so that not one moment is missed from being captured.
  • The photographer to be a keen observer and patient. This is because two aspects of conventional photography are missing here –
    (1) Preferred lighting, and
    (2) Preferred angle.

Best candid photography from Swork Studio

Catching someone in their true self and capturing it on the camera without them being aware of it is tough. This segment has just started evolving and we are proud to say that we have some of the best candid photographers in Delhi on our team.
Since this is a naive segment and has many professional studios venturing into nowadays, it is important that such candid photoshoots are entrusted to reputed and experienced photographers who are at ease handling such delicate responsibilities. With our kind of experience and expertise in this field of photography, our clients can expect only finesse and the best candid images.
Since this work involves refined skills and extremely fine handling, it all appears to be an expensive affair - that candid photography cost would be quite high and hence out-of-reach for the ordinary man. But this is far from true. We charge reasonably for capturing candid shoots, whether it is an event or in a day-to-day setting.
Get in touch with us so that we can explain in detail on how our team of professional candid photographers can work together with you to capture the right mix of intimate and poignant moments successfully and in a well-deserved manner.

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