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The ultimate tool for realtors – video walkthrough made by Swork Studio

Still images have been traditionally used by the real estate sector to market their upcoming properties and sell existing apartments, office complexes etc. Today more and more builders and promoters are going in for the video walkthrough to rightly showcase their properties. Why?

This is because video walk through of real estate can create wonders and enhance the experience of the potential buyer. Finally, the target is to reach out to the right buyer and impress him to the extent that he is motivated to come in for a physical site visit or pick up his phone and contact with the marketing office of the builder.

Why create walkthrough videos?

One of the main advantages of using the modern method of property walk through is that it offers a dramatic cinematic experience to the viewer vis-a-vis still pictures and images.

Reasons why a real estate builder and agent need to invest into creating effective video walkthrough are: -

  • Our brains are apt at processing visual information, be it images or videos, much faster than textual content.
  • Videos offer a realistic view and feel to the viewer. Hence they are trusted more compared to words and still images.
  • Videos are able to convey a piece of information much faster and more effectively than texts and pictures.
  • They are able to instantly connect emotionally with the target audience. Imagine a movie that could make you laugh or cry compared to a book or photograph that had the same effect on you. This is also because videos are able to touch most of our sense organs – ears and eyes as compared to text and pictures which impact the eyes only.
  • Search engines are written in a way that they look up videos and are likely to place websites with explainer videos on higher ranks than ones without.

Why Swork Studio?

Most businesses operating in the real estate realm today have their distinct websites because they want to be found online and the digital medium is one of the best sources of generating leads and making conversions. But how many are using videos to attract prospective buyers and engage them?

Very few which is why it is essential that the industry wakes up fast and realises the importance of creating and uploading effective video walkthrough for the real estate sector at the earliest. Swork Studio has been doing remarkably well in this field of creating impressive walkthroughs. Our team is not only trained proficiently in this particular genre of video making but also has the requisite experience to deliver the best and the finest walkthrough experience to your customers.

Over the years, as the digital medium evolved and videography developed as a strong marketing tool, we have been involved with different industries creating product walkthrough videos for our clients. With the real estate sector booming in the recent years, we have been using our talent pool, our resources and logistics to produce captive and enthralling walkthroughs for the real estate industry.

We encourage all interested businesses to touch-base with us today to know more about the art of making video walkthroughs and their significance to your business.

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