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The education sector in the country today is one of the most happening industries with the growth of private schools that strive to provide innovative methods of teaching and learning processes. At the same time, the industry has gone commercial too and the rate at which the industry is growing currently, it is phenomenal. However growth has its cons too – the competition here is on the rise and it wouldn’t be too long before this sector too would be earmarked by fierce contests to enrol students and grab the attention of parents.

How can school photography help?

Most schools have online presence today. We have all heard the saying, ‘Seeing is believing’. Just like other industries, high quality pictures of schools can help those precious first impressions. The right kind of school images on the website and social media can, to a great extent contribute in getting the right traction from the desired market and lead interested parents to come out and visit the premises of the school – thereby giving the administration a chance to convert them.

Some facts worth noting:-

Facts Percentage
What increased percentage of views do contents with pictures get compared to content without images? 94% more
What is the likelihood that the audience will read content with coloured pictures more than one without? 80%
What is the attention span of readers who read content with coloured images? 82%

*Source -

It has been proved that when readers see images and that too attractive ones, they are motivated to spend more time to read the accompanying textual matter.

As an owner of a chain of schools you invest in infrastructure, in curriculum, hiring good quality teachers, board fees, security and others. Schools are not confined to just academics anymore; they need to have space and logistics to offer different options of extra-curricular activities to the students so that parents are left so impressed that they aim at enrolling their kids with the school. While schools in India are never perceived to exist to earn returns and profits, the truth is that at the end of the day, schools are as much commercial as any other business entity. They exist not only to impart education to children, but also to earn returns on investments.

What are the elements of school photography package?

The best thing about school pictures is that they not only focus on images of the school building, classrooms, different activity zones etc. but it is also about capturing children in live action and that is what photos of school are so interesting and so very distinct from other form of photography.

A typical school photo package should include –

  • Photoshoot of the physical attributes of the school like the building, the sports field, lunch area, classroom, music room, etc.
  • In modern times, it is a specialized stream of photography where the architectural photographer is focEvent photography which involves covering children at different types of school events like sports day, graduation day, Teachers day, annual functions, elocution and debates etc.
  • Class pictures which is an annual event for all classes.
  • Spontaneous on-the-spot photography where students are clicked at various areas in their normal self. Photoshoot of such live actions are still in its nascent stage in India and hence there is lots of scope in this particular area. This form of school photography is ideal to weave stories and narrate them to the world. Since the choice of a school is more to do with emotions of the parents, this is the perfect way to emotionally connect with the target audience.

Why Swork Studio?

Swork Studio has the relevant experience of photography in schools, being one the topmost school photography companies in the country. Our team of trained photographers have the right acumen and skill to do justice to the task. We are also one of the best team of commercial photographers in India with specialization in different aspects of professional photography.

Our school photography packages are priced reasonably while being committed to deliver highest quality of images and photos.

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