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Hotel photography has a very significant role to play in boosting the business of a hotel. In a market that is distinguished by cut-throat competition and where supply is much higher than demand, your business invariably needs to standout prominently to attract visitors to your hotel in your city or town.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Since it is a proven fact that visuals – photographs and videos – are one of the best ways to capture the attention of a potential customer and keep him engaged, it makes perfect business sense to invest in making an impressive portfolio, shot by experienced and professional luxury hotel photographers.

In a survey that was conducted to find factors that influence customer decision in booking a particular hotel, it was found that the following played the most crucial role –

  • Price
  • Photographs of the hotel uploaded online
  • Ease of doing online booking of the hotel

How can hotel room photography influence my room business?

The best thing about photographs is that, as an owner or marketer, you have complete freedom to use the photographs to impress your would-be customers. Having a hotel photoshoot done thoroughly ensures that you have a good collection of photographs of different areas of your hotel to post on your website and social media platforms to create aspirations in the traveller.

For a hotel, its unique selling areas are –

  • Guest Rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Conference venues and meeting rooms
  • Other recreational amenities on the premises of the hotel
  • Gardens and exterior facade

It is one thing having spacious and well-maintained lobby and rooms, excellently done up interiors, impressive buffet spread-out, unique cuisines and dishes on the menu, vast spread of manicured garden and it is a completely different thing communicating the same to the world.

Photographs help create those favourable or unfavourable first impressions. Through professionally clicked hotel interior photography you can literally allure and charm travellers to come and stay at your hotel. That is the kind of power well-shot photographs has on the minds of the onlooker.

Here are some interesting facts about how images and photographs of hotels drive business, especially online reservations –

Facts Percentage
What percentage of travellers book hotels online globally today? 57%
What percent of these travellers book at brand websites? 65%

*Source - https://www.gourmetmarketing.net/importance-hotel-photography/)

How can Swork Studio contribute towards the growth of my hotel business?

Swork Studio have been doing incredible work in the field of professional photography for years now. Our core competence includes hotel and resort photography.

In a world where millions are being spent on forming best online marketing strategies, including good quality imagery should be an essential part of your digital campaigns. Since high quality images are essential for the sustenance of your business online, these are the reasons why you should consider calling us today and enable us to help you

  • Guaranteed premium quality and stylized pictures clicked from all possible angles of the exteriors and the interiors of the hotel.
  • Well-planned and meticulously organised hotel room photoshoot.
  • Team of thoroughly trained and experienced photographers who have worked with the best in the industry.
  • Cost-effective and affordable pricing so that our customers are able to derive maximum return on their investment in the shortest possible time.

Whether it is a high-storied hotel or a resort, we are experts in hotel photography and resort photography – in fact one of the best in the business in the country.

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