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It was only after the social media evolved, that the concept and craze for food photography has hit the masses. Till about few years back this form of photography was considered to be a niche – something that only few selected photographers wanted to do. In 2019, it has become one of the most popular forms of photography after selfies.

What is food photography?

A form of still photography, this genre of commercial photography is used mainly for advertisement purpose by creating attractive and striking images of food. A typical food photoshoot does not begin with the food and end with the photographer. There are numerous elements here that need to be taken care of, to the minutest details. There are food photography props that need to be aligned by the prop stylist. Then there is the food stylist, the art director and different assistants who pitch in to create those perfect looking shots. Of course, all the above tasks can be done by a single person – the photographer himself, provided he is passionate about two things – food and photography.

Professional food photography is not only about the food. It is about creating a visually alluring and inviting image that connects with the onlooker. The perfect food image not only conveys a particular look or presentation or ingredients, it should be effective enough to help the viewer visualize other components associated with food like taste and aroma aptly, the net effect being his desire or wish to try to cook the same at home, go out and taste it at the advertised brand or outlet or better still order at home.

What is food videography?

This form of videography is mainly aimed at capturing cooking shows and videos. With the kind of reach YouTube and other social media channels have today, it is fair to go in for videography that captures the methodology of cooking mouth-watering dishes, their essence and probably weave a story that will keep pulling back your loyal audience and garner more attention for your brand. Infact compared to pictures, videos are much more powerful as a medium that brands use to interact with their target market. This is because videos are full of verbal and non-verbal communications that effectively engage the audience.

Point What studies have revealed
What is the likelihood that viewers will click and watch an online video rather than a standard banner ad 27 times more likely for the former
What percent shares are generated in case of videos compared to images and text 1200%

Why hire professional food photographers?

Businesses that handle food like hotels and restaurants need to understand the significance of outsourcing the task of food product photography to experienced and specialized professional food photographers.

  • The food that feature on your menu or social media posts need to look inviting and appealing so that it can create a magnetic pull on the viewer.
  • Food business – regional or international – is a competitive industry and every business owner wants his unit to stand out. The best way to do it is to hire the services of top food photographers who would use the right lighting composition and styling concepts to produce attractive and eye- catching images. The result – more customers, more orders and better profits.

Why Swork Studio?

As a business owner if you are interested in laying down a strong and enviable foundation to your food business then it is crucial that you outsource the job of food styling photography to ace photographic team like Swork Studio. Our team consists of acclaimed photographers who have been associated with top brands in the market for years.

Let your business soar high and become a success – get the best food photography shoots done by hiring Swork Studio, the best food photographers in the world. While your head chef may know the art of plating dishes, with us by your side, the food will be styled for the camera in a way that their distinctive styles can be captured finely.

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