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A photographer is an artist because he needs to use his creative instincts to glorify either the subject in the picture or his own ideas and emotions. Conceptual photography is more to do with the latter.

What is conceptual photography?

This form of photography focuses on representing an idea or a concept that is usually preconceived and defined, either by the photographer himself or by his client. This type of photography is most commonly used in the field of advertising. It is also a genre where conceptual art blends with this kind of photography and more often than not, there is fine line that distinguishes between fine art photography and this form.

What is concept video?

Undoubtedly the power of well-made videos is not masked from the world. YouTube as a social media channel is so powerful and hence has its own appeal for marketers. Whether it is advertisements or videos that revolve around brand promotions, the modern-day videos are being made to promote or sell ideas and concepts.

A concept shoot might unfold a story, an experience, knowledge, testimonials, and how-to’s. Many a times, the video is used effectively to personify a brand or create emotional bonds with the audience. The focus is on keeping the prospective customer engaged and captivated by making the medium interactive. A shoot in this context cannot go as per any fixed rules – there needs to be experimentation with props, symbols and objects to come up with the best creation.

What role can Swork Studio play in creating conceptualized images and videos?

Swork Studio is committed to fashioning fine quality pictures and videos. Involved in most specialized fields of photography, these are reasons why we claim to be better than the best –

  • We have on-board some of India’s best conceptual photographers, having expertise, knowledge and experience to ideate concepts and express them explicitly and innovatively using the camera.
  • A conceptual photographer can do justice to his job only when his images and videos speak – they express the idea behind and highlight the point or the thought. Swork Studio with its team of famous conceptual photographers has time and again delivered the finest visual experiences to its clients and their audience.
  • Since this form of photography is centred on ideas that could be abstract or figurative, our team with its out-of-the-box thinking and creative inputs never runs out of ideas. And this is what the core reason behind our astounding success is.

We believe in joint efforts and that is exactly the reason why our photographic team will have detailed discussions with your marketing team when hired. We strive to first understand the objective behind the campaign. Once we are on the same platform, we proceed with brainstorming and ideating. When the focus is to drive home an idea through a photograph or a short video, challenges are many and we stretch ourselves beyond clichéd and familiar boundaries to come up with exciting and novel conceptual photography ideas.

Call us today or meet us in-person to understand more about how creative ideas and concepts can help transform your brand!

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Conceptual Photography
Conceptual Photography
Conceptual Photography
Conceptual Photography
Conceptual Photography
Conceptual Photography
Conceptual Photography
Conceptual Photography
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