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Bar photography assignments can be tricky and testing, even if it sounds to be one of the easiest and the coolest thing to do. Such assignments usually flow down from individuals and corporates who wish to have their social network or an event photographed. This aspect of photography usually involves capturing the bar with or without the bartender, the people sitting in the bar, the ambience and the interiors, the lighting, the dance floor, people in action grooving to music etc.

Some of the things that come to the mind about this genre of photography are the glass of wine or a neat drink that the photographer would be party to or the cool music in the background with some nice company around. However, professional bar photographers, who undertake such assignments on a regular basis know how difficult it is to catch the right poses in a surrounding that is characterized by –

  • Low and dim lights and more often than not, even tinges of darkness.
  • Subjects who are in motion, most of them at least, and
  • Clicking pictures of complete strangers where 99% of them are under the influence of hard liquor and hence to a certain extent have unpredictable behaviour.

Even with the challenges present, bar images can turn out to be extremely impactful and impressive on the audience, when done the proper way. Getting the right photographer to do the job is the basis of ensuring that some memorable and inspiring pictures get shot and captured.

Swork Studio, the connoisseur of bar photography

Eventful and brilliant is how we describe the work of our bar photographers. Having been in the industry for quite some time now, our team is the jewel in our crown delivering outstanding renditions and superb work pieces to our clients, time and again.

Why you should choose Swork Studio for the work? Here are few good reasons –

  • We work with the best and the right gear that works well in the low-light scenario. This is something that comes from sheer hard work and experience. We know exactly which equipment to use and how to use it effectively to get best results.
  • Other than using the right camera and lens, what is also essential in this form of photography is for the photographer to start slow, mix around with people, talk to a few of them, enjoy the conversations and even make few friends. All this is important so that the subjects are absolutely at home when being clicked. Our well experienced team of photographers know unerringly how to handle the people in the bar to be able to click the right barphotos.
  • Our resources know how to identify the perfect photogenic moments. They are observant and have ample patience along with the necessary expertise and experience. In order to capture those perfect bar pictures, they lookout for the ideal background, study the subjects well and understand the events’ perspective and blend them with perfection to get the best clicks.

To know more about our style of working, we welcome interested clients to call us and speak to us today!

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