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The term ‘automotive photography’ is self-descriptive. Sleek images of new launches in the automobile industry are used by advertisers not only in the conventional marketing campaigns but also on the digital platforms. The purpose behind this form of advertising is quite simple – it needs to catch the eye of the viewer and impress his instincts and desires to such an extent that he is compelled to own the machine. Typically, car manufacturers and dealers budget a good amount of money each year in their advertising campaigns. Just like any other product, these manufacturers aim at high quality automobile images that can fascinate the audience to the extent that they would want to drive away in one of them immediately.

Similarly, automotive videography focuses on not simply selling a car but on the overall experience. For people who have always had a weakness for cars and automobiles, the best way to catch their attention is present the latest model in the most impressive manner. Even if one owns numerous cars of various ranges, a new launch or series of a four-wheeler leave them wanting more. An aptly captured automotive video can stimulate the desire to go out and buy the model in the minds of this person. Hence it is essential that automobile photography and videography be done in a way that it appeals the viewer, promising comforts and luxuries that he aspires for.

What are the pre-requisites of automotive photography?

As a car manufacturer and marketer your ultimate aim is immerse your audience by creating a gripping video or image of your model. This will help create the right kind of mood and intrigue in the audience to take decisions in favour of your brand and latest launch.

Hence you need to hire the best auto photographers so that they are able to do justice to your brand’s marketing objectives. This is a specialized area of work – the photographer needs to have

  • An eye for detail
  • Needs to be aware of the taste of the target audience, and
  • Have expertise in capturing images and videos of these amazing machines.

The photographer needs to know how to weave a story that creates a personality for the model and makes the automobile not only stand tall but also touch the viewers’ senses somewhere deep inside.

Why Swork Studio?

Swork Studio is a reputed name in the industry and has been doing laudable work in this specialized field of photography. The best automotive photographers, in fact the crème de la crème of this profession is associated with us.

The key to our success in delivering awesome automobile images and videos is the knowledge of our team in this particular genre and their attention to each minute detail. Blending the right composition of lighting and location, we are able to create desirable looking images and videos of these overwhelming machines. We also undertake automotive studio photography in our in-house specially designed Studio with the right mix of lighting, backdrop colours, wall contours and interior fixtures to create those striking pictures.

The other reason why we are such a favourite with our clients is the reasonable automotive photography prices that is customer-friendly. We work with our client’s not as separate entities but as their partners focussing on their business and marketing objectives. We also encourage our clients to share their budget with us before they decide between photography and videography of their products.

Some interesting facts here about ‘car buyers’ that will highlight the reasons why automobile manufacturers and dealers must hire only top automotive photographers like Swork Studio to create amazing profile of their new launches and models -

Fact Percentage
On an average how much time do prospective car buyers spend online researching? 59%
What percent of people compare different models before making a purchase decision? 64%
What is the percent of people who were influenced by videos that they saw on YouTube in their car buying process? 70%
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