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Exceptionally talented photographers at Swork Studio for fine art photography

Fine art revolves around an idea – it could be related to an emotion, a thought, a message that the artists wants to express. With the advent of smartphone and digital platforms, almost everyone is a photographer today. But art photography or artistic photography has something more to it – it is the culmination of creativity with the photographers’ personal interpretation of the same.

The best thing about art and photography is that both are result of the human mind’s creativity and ingenuity. The truth is that for years and even now photography has been struggling to be recognized as a form of art. Even though respected and renowned photographers are able to hold auctions of their own, the fact is that photographs by virtue of their accessibility and repeatability have not got the due that they deserve.

What is fine art photography?

Fine art photography, unlike other realms of photography is not about capturing what the camera sees; on the contrary it documents what the photographer sees. Hence it is the personal view point of the photographer that gets captured and the camera is just another equipment or tool that he uses to translate his idea or vision into a piece of art. The reason behind creating a piece of fine art photograph is its aesthetic appeal and intellectual value rather than any practical usage.

Different forms

  • Fine art portrait photography – portrait photography is about capturing a human being or a group of Homo sapiens where the face and its expressions and features are the centre of focus. In the fine art form of portrait photography, it is a picture that is far from reality – it is the photographer that is making an artistic comment through this form of a photograph. It is his emotions that get depicted in the picture vividly and in his own distinctive style.
  • Modern Art photography – this form of photography has more to do with contemporary art that enables photographers to do inspiring and creative works. Modern art is centered on philosophical topics from abstract art to conceptual art – it encompasses myriad styles of work that cannot be labelled under or grouped into one particular type of work. Capturing this form of art on the camera is but a form of art photography that focuses not on the realism that photography is all about, but on conceptual abstractions that enthusiastically defines the photographer’s emotions or interpretations for the world to take note of.
  • Fine art black and white photography – Black and white photography was never out of fashion and even today in the digital world, ultra high definition black and white images more interestingly tell a story than their coloured counterparts. They have enhanced sharpness and better clarity when it comes to emoting the photographer’s view point. Whether it’s a landscape, a building, a monument, the waters and the bridges over it, black and white renditions and images of fine art can be momentous and greatly engaging.

Swork Studio and fine art photography

At Swork Studio, we are tremendously dedicated to artistic talents and creative outputs. Hence we have photographers on-board who can handle fine arts extremely delicately and sensitively, who are zealous in their comprehension of what’s and how’s of this form of photography.

Interested in having a wall art photograph specially created for your home or office decor? Speak to us today to know more about this form of photography.

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