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What is Aerial/Drone Photography?

As the name suggests, aerial photography is the art of taking pictures of the surface land using mounted cameras from a height above the Earth’s surface. Such photographs can be clicked using aeroplanes, rockets, helicopters, balloons, kites, parachutes, satellites that are orbiting the Earth, spacecraft or any other object that is capable of flying at an altitude. More recently the use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles is being done for this form of photography. The mounted cameras can be used from a remote location or may be of the automatic type or may be hand-held by a photographer for clicking the photographs.

What is Drone Shoot/Videography?

This is a method of taking still pictures or capturing a video from an unmanned aerial vehicle also commonly called drones. The best thing about this form of photography or videography is that it is able click images and videos that would be humanly impossible to click. The drone is a machine that allows for first-person view. Drones are of different sizes, possess different flight abilities and have differing capacities because of their designs.

What are the advantages of aerial photography?

Aerial photography to a great extent is being increasingly used for capturing views of buildings and landscapes. This form of specialized photography is aptly called real estate aerial photography. The benefits are manifold –

  • The pictures effectively show-case the overall view of the property along with the adjoining landscape including land that are yet to be developed, parks, other facilities and features of the apartment or the property, the roads etc.
  • The actual feel of the property is clearly outlined by using drone shoot services. Creating imposing majestic bird-eye view so that potential buyers can be rightly engaged and attracted to come for a personal recce or visit to the property.
  • Aerial photography is also widely used in attracting prospective investors to invest their money in development projects. Images clicked from a height allow the investor to correctly understand the size of the project and the infrastructural facilities that are present in and around so that they can take informed decisions.
  • This form of photography also allows the developer to keep a track of the progress of the project.

Difference between Aerial Photography and Drone Shoot

Feature Aerial Photography Drone Photography
Quality of image Great quality The quality is high if professional equipment is used.
Affordability Aerial Photography prices are quite high. Overall an extravagant affair. Photography drone price is still reasonable when compared with other aerial methods.
Turnaround period Fast A day to get the final pictures
Practical feature While some methods are practical, some others are not so user friendly like a helicopter that makes too much noise. Shooting videos and clicking pictures. They can move easily in tight spaces, can be placed near the ground and capable of going upto 400ft or more.

Why Swork Studio?

  • We have a full-fledged in-house team of professional drone photographers.
  • In a competitive real estate industry, the only way to stand out in the crowd is to have an exceptional online web presence. And that can be done with precision by real estate drone photography.
  • By using advanced drone technology, we are able to capture sweeping shots of the property and the surrounding landscape, highlighting key features and creating a tour of the inside of the property just like a real-time movie.

Drone shoot / videography is a specialized area of photography / videography. It is the work that belongs to only experts and masters in the particular field. Anybody else will do suboptimal job. Contact us today for our world-class and top-notch real estate drone services.

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