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5 Benefits of Architectural Photography

  • Posted By: Swork Studio
  • Posted: 09 Jan 2021

1. Power of taking photo:

Photographs taken at the time, day as well as night will help the customer or buyer to decide wisely. An excellent photograph captured of a property will attract the customer and will help in showing the details as well. A best quality image can make a website more eyes appealing to a viewer as according to psychology a person reaction depends on what he/she saw at first it creates a vision inside their mind. Clicking architectural photos helps the viewer to get the visual understanding of buildings that they may never get to see in real but can see it virtually by just a click, saving their time. By just a single click a viewer can get each detail of the property through visual representation on their screen.

Architecture photographers create images that are as bold and imaginative as the structures they are photographing. An architect puts so much thought, time and energy into their designs, so it's important that they hire a photographer who can do their designs justice. It also helps in building a brand.

Architecture is music and sculpture in one. It has patterns, rhythms, ups and downs. Photos capture these patterns and provide scale. Leonardo de Vinci used the height of a man as scale, logically; building proportions should be relative to the height of man. Photos can capture these traits quickly and accurately.

2. Best mean to create portfolio or Documenting building projects for owners, stakeholders and the public:

Architectural Photography is an art of showing your creativity to the world. Through photography we can keep a record of the various developments done before building and designing and keeping records also helps to showcase progress to the client or also recorded to showcase your visual representation of projects in future. Architectural buildings are captured on camera so that the public can see it in a single view, they doesn’t actually have to visit someplace and then look throughout the building through every perspective, but with the concept of photography it’s possible. These photographs can also be used to promote the building contractors and architects.

3. Importance of Architectural Photography:

A photographer who is specialised into architectural shots will stage the photos in more appropriate way. Awkward, dark and boring photos won’t do your product justice, it needs to be clicked with proper lighting and perspectives. In business we need to do advertisements, create brochures and materials and to show our brand essence to public and that for that photography plays an important role as the advertisement must be visually attractive, so that when a customer or a client sees it, the image should capture inside their head and never forgets it. In business we always need to capture good and real photographs, as poor quality images can reflect business itself. People have an unconscious mind according to them if a photo is bad than the product will be bad too.

4. Role of Lighting:

Professional Lighting makes a whole lot difference to a view or a subject. Lighting is important if taken with proper or appropriate angle. Lighting affects depth perspective as well as color it play huge role in photography. Bright lighting can help in highlighting certain detailed features and even deliberate shadows to hide flaws. It’s important to evaluate the space at different times of the day to determine how the normal light (natural or otherwise) plays on the space. The final subject should look natural it must feel like as if we are actually their standing and this can be done by capturing the natural shadows in the atrium, even over lighting can destroy the essence of the picture. Ultimately, our goal is to spread the news about your business. You may be interested in press coverage or co-branding in advertising. However, you will need professional-quality photographs to impress these editors and get the coverage you want. Not only do bad photos not grab attention, even if an editor is interested, they won’t be able to use the photos if they aren’t up to their standards.

5. For selling property:

A set of high image quality photographs took by a professional photographer can accentuate the beauty of a building and also convey harmony between the buildings as well as nearby surroundings. Creatively shot or clicked architectural photographs captures both exterior as well as interior of the building in a better eyes appealing way which helps in influencing the viewer’s desire to purchase unlike any other medium. This can also helps in selling the properties which are not built by showcasing the similar developments done by the builder.

With the growing and developed era we have became an image-obsessed society with extremely short attention spans. Images are registered and processed as well as stored in the brain automatically. Photography has become an essential part in business as well as branding. Swork Studio, best professional photographers in India helps in advertising or branding your business with their excellent skills.

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Architectural photography is the art of capturing buildings and designs aesthetically. It focuses around arrangement, lighting, and design elements to exhibit the extraordinary attributes and beauty of architectural creations.

Capture clean lines, focus around organization, utilize natural light, right point of view bending, pick ideal timing for lighting, eliminate interruptions, and feature one of a kind subtleties to upgrade architectural photography.

Architectural photography captures and imparts the design, style, and essence of buildings. It fills in as a visual record, advances modelers' work, and motivates appreciation for engineering variety and development.

Architectural photography thoughts include capturing buildings imaginatively. Play with angles, lighting, and viewpoints. Underline interesting highlights, use reflections, experiment with shadows and focus on details to make visually convincing pictures.

Drone shoot refers to catching flying footage or pictures utilizing automated aerial vehicles (drones). It's broadly utilized in photography, videography, and surveillance for various purposes, providing unique perspectives.

360 VR (Virtual Reality) gives an immersive experience by catching an entire 360-degree perspective on the environmental factors. Users can explore and connect with the environment in a realistic and connecting way.