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Swork Studio is a name to reckon with in the field of 3d animation services. It is also a well-known and reputed 3d animation movie maker in India, having worked in the field of animation, photography and videography for many years now. We work in close association with our clients and help them choose between 2d and 3d animations depending upon their budget, timeline and target audience.

Before we venture further, it is better to have a clearer understanding of 3d animation and its key differentiating points from a 2d animation.

What is 3d animation?

Animation is in fact an optical illusion where still images are made to seem like they are moving through simulated procedure. 3d animation centres on creating the illusion of movement or animation using three-dimensional images. This form of animation is enabled by high-end 3d software technology and needs to be done in a properly equipped 3d animation studio. It essentially includes three main areas –

  • Modelling - where 3d objects are generated relevant to a particular scene.
  • Layout - the process were these 3d objects are positioned
  • Rendering - the process of creating the final graphics

What is the difference between 3d and 2d animation?

Points 3D Animation 2D Animation
Depth Is a 360 degree appearance using x, y and z axes. Is a flat appearance using x and y axes.
Method of deriving the images Images are digitally derived or exported to the computer. The angle of placement is changed rapidly to create the illusion. A 2d animation maker will hand draw generally and play them back-to-back in succession to create the illusion.
Technique used Camera setup, texturing, rendering, modelling, abating, sketching, etc are some of the techniques used. Rotoscopy, Anime, onion skimming, twining, morphing are some of the techniques used.
Time required This typically takes more time because of the nature of the procedure Quicker process

Even with the above differences, in software technology more often than not, 2d and 3 techniques overlap for example in 2d applications lighting aspects of 3d methods are used while during 3d procedure, 2d rendering techniques may be used to achieve the desired effects.

Why choose Swork studio as your 3d animation video maker?

Swork Studio is a leading 3d animation company in India. 3d animation is one of the most effective medium to communicate with your target market. It is one of the emerging marketing tools today because of its visual appeal and alluring effects. In modern times when the consumer market is going ga-ga over the digital medium, no one can ignore its potential strength in helping build a brand.

A 3d animated video masterpiece created by professional 3d animation movie maker like Swork Studio can help your brand reach places and audience that would have been almost impossible using conventional advertising tools. Since we offer our services at reasonable prices, high quality 3d movies made by us is a cost-effective one-time investment that can be reused in future and can be displayed and shown for umpteen numbers of times.

At the end of the day, you are able to impress a larger number of your customers with a well-made 3d animation video than text or static images, thereby increasing your chances to get more customers and organic traffic to your website.

Why choose Swork Studio as your 2d animation maker?

We work hand-in-hand with our clients and recommend 2d animation when they are constricted on their production costs and also are looking for fast turn-around times. Since 2d animation is cheaper compared to 3d animation and it is also a faster process of production, we take upon ourselves to inform our clients the pros and cons of both the processes so that they are able to decide prudently. And thereby our specialized 2d animation team works closely with the client to deliver the best results and outcomes.

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