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10 Best Practices for PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY

  • Posted By: Swork Studio
  • Posted: 15 Jan 2019
10 Best Practices for PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY

Product photography in modern times is one of the most in-demand branches of photography. This is because products are the best way to attract potential customers. When presented attractively, they are able to inspire and invoke desires in prospective buyers. This branch of photography thankfully has hardly any restrictions and limitations. It is applicable to almost all fields of photography be it lifestyle products, food products, portraits of subjects or even panoramic views.

Shooting products professionally is the work of experts. They not only have the required knowledge, experience and gadgets, they also have latent creativity and artistic sense of what looks good, what can appeal to the desired target market and what can motivate them to make a purchase. Ecommerce product photography is in huge demand these days because almost all online businesses, whether working in the B2C or B2B domain, need to present their products to their customers in the best light. Using appealing and impressive photos means wider reach in the market, attracting the attention of many buyers who existed but conventional marketing tools would have taken time to reach out to them and also building reliability in the consumer market. Accurately shot pictures at e-commerce shoots gives you considerable and that too, a profitable edge over your competition.

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Using product photography services of well-established photographers from the trade like Swork Studio make the work better and easier. We not only use the best technique in the industry and have the best photographers in town on-board; we also guide our clients on different aspects of presenting their products well infront of the targeted market.

When it comes to product photography, here’s what works best –

  • First things first – the photography lighting. Lighting as even a novice would know is one of the main contributors towards a great looking photograph. When it comes to this particular genre of shooting, there is no compensation towards the use of improper lighting. It is best to set up the studio or the place well before the shooting. Using bright lights that highlight the product well and yet does not make it appear callous is what is best advised. Sun is one of the best sources of light. Artificial photography lighting that works well in this case is – studio lights and several light bulbs.
  • As mentioned above it is essential that the photographed product does not appear harsh. Hence the lighting needs to be softened using appropriate technique – diffusion sheets or soft boxes or any other.
  • Decide the background appropriately. At all times, the focus should be the product. Hence the background needs to be simple and clean.
  • It is important to present the product in a way that the customer can conceptualize it in reality. Hence the applicable context for the product needs to be highlighted.
  • Especially in ecommerce, it is important to shoot the product from different angles.
  • Also the pictures should stress upon the key features of the product. They are your unique selling points – stress upon them.
  • It is also important that the images that are shot are clear and sharp. One of the biggest turnoff for a potential customer is the blurred image that results on zooming in on an image.
  • Take many raw shots so that later on there are plenty of options to choose the best looking one.
  • Post processing is equally important in this field. This is required to edit, polish and cover up small errors during the shoot.
  • Hire a photographer who is creative and is reputed for using his knack of product photography ideas to deliver the best images.

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