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What is panorama photography?

The word 'panorama' means wide and panoramic view refers to a bird's-eye view.Views that give comprehensive and extensive coverage of a situation or scene become panoramic pictures.It is quite clear here that this type of photography deals with capturing a wider view than can be generally clicked in a single shot. Experienced panorama photographers know the tricks of the trade well so that they can deliver convincing and realistic images to their viewers.

For panoramic images one requires to use specialized software to create that kind of an impactful picture. Panoramic pictures need lots of dedicated work because -

  • The image in a panorama typically has an aspect ratio of 2:1 which means that the width of the photograph is double the height of the image. A panorama camera is one that is widely used on the ground for this type of photography. This specialized camera has a vertical axis running through the camera lens so that during taking shots the camera can rotate on a horizontal plane around the axis.
  • The photographer typically needs to take many shots to create an impressive panorama. The unicity of these shots is that overlapping parts of the same scene or picture are shot horizontally and vertically, which are then blended and joined together using latest software and tools.
  • Panoramas are mostly nature-centric. Hence it gives the photographer a chance to highlight sections of a scene to create the desired impact on the viewer.

Why Swork Studio?

Reasons why we are one of the best in the trade -

  1. What distinguishes us from other panoramic photographers is that we have not limited ourselves to capturing nature only in the panorama realism; we have gone beyond and applied the same rules to architectural and interior photography.
  2. In order to create the finest collection of panoramic views our photographers use their experience and high-tech panorama camera to capture images in the highest resolution possible. The result - a panorama that is almost near-perfect and pragmatic!
  3. We take pride in the kind of equipment and technology that we use to deliver these results. The widest terrain is within our limits because the 3D panoramic camera that we use has aspect ratios of 4:1 with the highest ratios going up to 10:1. These expensive digital instruments are equipped with high-grade technical finesse and even two lenses to capture shots from various angles.

How we have helped our clients with our impressive portfolios?

Some of the most impressive and outstanding 3-dimensional views have been created by our team of photographers that has helped us generate the most striking portfolios for our clients. The views captured by the panorama 360 camera are then stitched together in the most professional manner in the post-editing entity to create 3D images that can strike a chord with the viewer instantly.

Images- An Impressive Medium to Engage Viewers

In the digital world that we are living today, panoramic images can be used by corporate companies in multiple realms of their operations. Since these images are meant to take the viewer into a high-resolution mode and helps deliver amazing visual experiences, such pictures can be used as a very convincing medium to engage viewers, in other words, your target market. The better the photograph, the more impressive it is and the better is the engagement level.
At Swork Studio we are always ready to discuss with our clients their need to go in for panoramic images and the effect that it would create on their website, social media platforms and other digital mediums. We can guarantee our clients that a job that seems to be quite daunting and sophisticated is dealt with ably by our team of professional photographers, delivering results on time and at the most cost-effective rates.

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